Golden TİMES İnterview – AEGEE İZMİR


“Everyone paid respect to each other”
SU #53: AEGEE-İzmir: “Blank Cheque”, TSU, 3rd-17th AugustGT: What was your SU about?
Mert Mutaf: Our TSU was about limitless fun with lots of surprises. This was the reason we named our TSU “Blank cheque”. We believe that in most parts we achieved to have an interesting event and entertained our participants.GT: How many participants and how many organisers did you have?
Mert: We had 38 participants and were 7 organisers.GT: What were the greatest highlights of the SU?
Mert: Our suit-up party, the yacht tour and the camp in the middle of the nature were some of the most unexpected and very much loved highlights.

GT: Anything you’d like to add? About participants, team, funny or exciting moments?
Mert: One of the best moments was during the European Night. Our participants and organisers were listening to the presentations of each country very cautiously and everyone paid respect to each other, and in my opinion this is a very vital point of AEGEE’s mission.

GT: How was the romance factor of the SU? What about couples and highlights from the gossip box?
Mert: There were two couples in our SU when it had started, then two more occurred, but the romance level was very balanced and cute. The gossips were generally about these relations and the present events of those days.


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